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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top Simpsons Quotes (Audio Form)

Ok, here's the top six Simpson quotes. Or six random ones I could find an audio clip for...

Click the links to here the sound. Turn your volume up!
6. Lionel Hutz explains his relationship to the judge
5. Homer and Apu
4. James Bond plays poker at Mr. Burn's Casino
3. Escaping from Shelbyville
2. Boogey man attacks while Marge is gambling

1. Number One - Take a guess which episode it is from

And a video quote just for fun:

Did I miss any quotes? Post 'em in the comments!


stringy said...

uh huh...nice hobby

Jo said...

This is awesome, I gained a lot of respect for you Mike

Mike said...

We only post one or two hobbies a week, we need other stuff to blog about Dempsey

Anonymous said...

The quality of this blog is going down.

Patty said...

"Marge, do you have other men in this house? Radioactive men?"

Patty said...

Look, the thing about my family is there's five of us. Marge, Bart, Girl Bart, the one who doesn't talk, and the fat guy. How I loathe him...

Mike said...

Burns: You, Foodbag. Do you have a son?
Homer: Yes, sir, I do.
Burns: And is he a constant disappointment? Does he bring home nitwits and make you talk to them?
Homer: Oh, all the time! Have you ever heard of this kid Milhouse?

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