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Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Make a Feed Bag

Today we introduce you to a wondrous concept, the feed bag. It's the perfect group snack to sneak into a movie theater, take on a backyard camping trip, or enjoy with a night of watching Titanic and playing PSO Episode 3. The feed bag is a little complicated, but this picture tutorial will guide you through its creation.

Step 1: Buy a bunch of candy.

Step 2: Grab a garbage bag.

Step 3: Put candy(see step 1) into garbage bag(see step 2).

Now that you've made your own feed bag, you might be wondering how you use it. Basically, without looking, you place your hand into the bag, say "Come on Twix," and pull out a random piece of candy. If you win, you get to enjoy the crunchy, caramel taste of that delicious Twix bar fate brought into your palm. If you lose, you have to eat whatever filler candy you grabbed before trying again. No cheating and feeling around for a candy that feels like Twix.

And remember, no re-picks!