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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hobby 5: Dry Ice Bomb

This week's activity won the hobby poll, none other than the legendary dry ice bomb. A dry ice bomb is a simple bomb-like device. While the simplicity and ease of construction, high bursting pressure, and sound make the dry ice bombs attractive for recreational purposes, they can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Birju's mom works at a laboratory, and she suggested that we take some of her dry ice that she brings home every night for her own "doings." So we decided to take advantage of this and create a bomb with the dry ice, because it won our hobby poll (even though Birju and his mom probably rigged the results). We gathered all of the materials and placed the dry ice in the freezer because we wanted to plan this activity out first. When we came back to get the ice, Mike's dad was playing with it, and got his hand frostbitten. He was mad for Birju's actions. Birju is so stupid, you will realize in the movie that Patty filmed. I hope you guys enjoy this weeks activity.

-Dry Ice
-Plastic Bottle
-Dry Ice Container
-Warm Water
-Stars and Stripes (if you dare)

-Makes obnoxious loud noise

-See Birju in video

To make your own bomb, crush up some dry ice and dump it into a half-filled bottle of warm water. Shake and throw far away from fire hydrants. Also, be careful of leaving crushed ice on the sidewalk. Dogs might eat it.

Have fun and be safe.


stringy said...

actually, i'm the one who voted something like 15 times for the dry ice bomb

stringy said...

birju should have thrown it at jamon's car

stringy said...

someone should have should have shouted "Code 1 Code 1!" when it exploded

Antardis said...

If you put dry ice in kool-aid, it will probably make red smoke...

Anonymous said...

U guys are bad ass. except this Birju person.

Anonymous said...

was that the same hot girl?

Anonymous said...

Antardis is correct.

Beerjew said...

LMFAO. and assholes. I wasnt quite impressed cuz we used too much water

Mike said...

Birju you were the one in charge of this. You should have dumped more water out if it made things more awesome.

Also, don't throw it near the fire hydrant

Wen Biao said...

一流~ Cool~ ^.^"

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