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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hobby 13: Mini Golf

Everyone loves mini golf, and today we are going to show you how to play for free. While the international sports organization World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) prefers to use the name "minigolf", the general public in different countries has also many other names for the game: miniature golf, mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, shorties, extreme golf, crazy golf, adventure golf, mini-putt and so on.

Harshal insisted that not only do we play mini golf, but that we pay for him so he could "beat us badly." We weren't doing that. Instead, we just decided to build our own golf course for free and challenge the self proclaimed master of miniature golf, Harshal. Here's how we put together our 5 hole championship course.

-Spare carpet or rugs
-Golf ball and putter
-Golf hole or cups
-Wood, books, stuffed animals, pillows, etc.

Making your own mini golf course is simple! First, use a spare piece of carpet or a leftover rug to outline your hole. Next, place objects like wood scraps or books under the rug to make bumps and hills. Place more on top to make obstacles for players to putt around. Use a cup or a specialized golf hole as your destination and start playing. If a player hits the ball off the carpet, give them a penalty stroke and let them place the ball where it left, or give them an incomplete for that hole.

So we challenged Harshal and here was our final scores:
Mike - 10
Jo - 16
Harshal - 18

Be creative and have fun!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hobby 12: Burger King

Today we are going to talk about a hobby everyone should avoid, Burger King.

Willing to take one for the team, we set out to eat a real meal at the Burger King. Normally we just get the pies and onion rings, but how was the rest of the food?


-Fattening, unhealthy food
-Way too many calories
-Good chance of giving you a stomach ache
-Triple Whopper

If you fill out the survey, they will give you free food. We decided to stick it to the man by actually filling out their survey. They never saw it coming.

All in all, eating at Burger King is a hobby that should be avoided. Try not to do this regularly.

Check back later this week for some hobby videos!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Minutes with Loop Hobbies Episode 3

"The night is dark. The room is hot. In our dreary daze, we decided to converse about the topics we care about most, such as: cellphones, movies, and holidays.

Let us enlighten you for five minutes of your precious life."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cleaning Out a Desktop Computer

Today, Jamon and Patty search through an ancient computing relic to discover long lost artifacts. What will they find?

Cleaning out your computer regularly can greatly affect the lifespan. Dust can inhibit the performance and cause your computer to make louder than normal buzzing noises. After we cleaned this computer, it made significantly less idle noise.


-Make sure to be careful while cleaning around all the wires inside the computer so as not to unplug any of them. If you unplug a wire you're unfamiliar with, it can sometimes take a while to figure out where it belongs.

-Keeping your computer elevated at least two inches off the ground can help prevent it from getting so dusty.

-Working in a well lit environment helps a lot while cleaning. Use a flashlight if you're in poorly lit conditions.

Things you might discover:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dreamcast Game Reviews

The Sega Dreamcast recently celebrated its 10th birthday, so today we are reviewing some of the systems best games. Take out your Dreamcast and enjoy.

Patty: 5/10
Jo: 10/10
Mike: 10/10
Average: 8.3/10

Phantasy Star Online
Patty: "I've never played it"
Jo: 9/10
Mike: 10/10
Average: 9.5/10

Gauntlet Legends
Patty: "I've never played it"
Jo: 7/10
Mike: 7/10
Average: 7/10

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Patty: "I've never played it!"
Jo: 8.5/10
Mike: 8.5/10
Average: 8.5/10

Sonic Shuffle
Patty: 10/10
Jo: 8/10
Mike: 8.2/10
Average: 8.7/10

Power Stone 2
Patty: "I've never played it"
Jo: 7/10
Mike: 9.7/10
Average: 8.4/10

Fur Fighters
Patty: 8/10
Jo: 8/10
Mike: 9.1/10
Average: 8.4/10

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future
Patty: 6/10
Jo: 6/10
Mike: 6.7/10
Average: 6.2/10

Chu Chu Rocket
Patty: 10/10
Jo: 10/10
Mike: 9.6/10
Average: 9.9/10