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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hobby 14: Breakdance (Bboy)

Loop Hobbies is back from the holiday "Break" with "Breakdancing"!

What's this all about you ask? Well that's a good question. In came Kenneth Liu, suave, sophisticated, and devilishly handsome. You may recall all of my good qualities and features from the previous logo.

Although this picture is 3 years old, I assure you, I still look that good with that bag over my head.

Ironically, I hated to dance. So, at the start of my freshman year in college I decided to take up breakdancing, because I was attracted to the powermoves. I learned a lot over the course of a year: the history behind the dance, "Breakdancers" vs "Bboys", and the crucial balance between style and power. Eventually, I learned to love dancing and here we are today! Take a look and learn something new!

-Learn how to dance
-Learn a new way to express yourself
-Fun and exciting!

-There are no cons

So yeah, to sum it all up, start a new hobby and maybe you'll learn to find a new passion!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free Game: Savior From Orbit

Here's a free game to play while waiting for our next hobby post.

Players gun down asteroids and mine gems to purchase upgrades. After each stage, players are allowed to upgrade and repair their ship using their collected gems. There are also 4 different weapons to use and upgrade.

Play here!

Also, you might need to head to and update your directx 9 drivers to play.

How far can you get?