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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hobby 4: Ikaruga

This week we're playing the impossible video game, Ikaruga. The gameplay consists of shooting enemies who come in one of two polarities: either black or white (or possibly red and blue). The player's ship can be either polarity, and can be switched at will.

We have never beaten Ikaruga. Seriously, has anyone? Basically, the game is only 5 stages long, yet we have only recently advanced our skills enough to pass stage 3. Check out our video of the impossible stage 4!

"This is where heroes are made."

-SEGA Dreamcast
-Copy of Ikaruga

-"It is among the most successful and recognized arcade shooter ports of the 2000s"
-"ScrewAttack voted Ikaruga the 2nd greatest 2D shooter of all time, while IGN voted it the 3rd greatest. ScrewAttack also declared it #9 on Top Ten GameCube Games."

If you can't find either of the materials, you can play a flash remake of the first boss here.

Enjoy everyone! Especially you, Harshal.


stringy said...

i c u cited screwattack

stringy said...

i noticed there are no cons

Jo said...

Its because this is where heros are made.

Mike said...

Cons!? Have you played Ikaruga?

Patty said...

Jo: What do i do?
Mike: WHAT DO I DO!??


Also, Kelly Clarkson in the background.. You guys must really love that song. :)

stringy said...


Jo said...

"I'm not going in that, have you seen it?"
"No, spam R"
"For the love of God, they are coming at me"

Mike said...

We were listening to our blog playlist while recording. It was random that Kelly Clarkson came up at the time.

Basically, spam R.

Jo said...

I don't understand why we would even spam R... Its not like we can kill the level. :\

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna post the next hobby?

Anonymous said...

That is correct. Please do another hobby. I'm bored.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet game

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