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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hobby 12: Burger King

Today we are going to talk about a hobby everyone should avoid, Burger King.

Willing to take one for the team, we set out to eat a real meal at the Burger King. Normally we just get the pies and onion rings, but how was the rest of the food?


-Fattening, unhealthy food
-Way too many calories
-Good chance of giving you a stomach ache
-Triple Whopper

If you fill out the survey, they will give you free food. We decided to stick it to the man by actually filling out their survey. They never saw it coming.

All in all, eating at Burger King is a hobby that should be avoided. Try not to do this regularly.

Check back later this week for some hobby videos!


Anonymous said...

burgerking is good. also. you should do the hobby "form a band"

Anonymous said...

this is NOT the article i was looking for

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