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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cleaning Out a Desktop Computer

Today, Jamon and Patty search through an ancient computing relic to discover long lost artifacts. What will they find?

Cleaning out your computer regularly can greatly affect the lifespan. Dust can inhibit the performance and cause your computer to make louder than normal buzzing noises. After we cleaned this computer, it made significantly less idle noise.


-Make sure to be careful while cleaning around all the wires inside the computer so as not to unplug any of them. If you unplug a wire you're unfamiliar with, it can sometimes take a while to figure out where it belongs.

-Keeping your computer elevated at least two inches off the ground can help prevent it from getting so dusty.

-Working in a well lit environment helps a lot while cleaning. Use a flashlight if you're in poorly lit conditions.

Things you might discover:


Patty said...

Best use of photoshop ever

Mike said...

That is what Jamon does in his free time.

stringy said...

next time take it apart and try to put it back togeter

Anonymous said...

Ill make sure to clean my computer now

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