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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hobby 16: Pumpkin Pickin'

Continuing our weekly hobby updates, we bring you the very seasonal hobby, Pumpkin Picking! Pumpkin is a gourd-like squash of the genus Cucurbita and the family Cucurbitaceae (which also includes gourds).

We really wanted to carve a pumpkin, make pumpkin seeds, and bake pumpkin pie, so we went to the nearest pumpkin patch. Turns out making a pumpkin pie requires the outer part, so we couldn't carve it and make a pie at the same time. Even though our plans were ruined, we still had fun.

A snowpumpkin. Or possibly, a pumpkinman.

-Pumpkin Patch with pumpkins left

-Plenty of uses for pumpkin

-Most pumpkins have been stepped on

How to Pick Your Pumpkin

Step 1: Find pumpkin on ground. Check to see if it has been stepped on. Don't step on other pumpkins in the process.

Step 2: Pick up pumpkin.

Step 3 (Optional): Place pumpkin in wagon. Learn from our mistakes; make sure the wagon has all four wheels before you take it.

Step 4: Wash pumpkin in dirty water with filthy brush.

Some Things You Might Run Into

Baby pumpkins!

These green pumpkins may look exotic, but don't be fooled. They just aren't ripe yet.

Watch out for this strange green thing that may find its way into the pumpkin patch. It's not actually a pumpkin.

That should be it! I hope you've enjoyed this weeks hobby.


Moondoggie said...

Haha, finally updated :) How were the pumpkin seeds?

Mike said...

I didn't like the seeds, but the pie was delicious. Harshal's own special recipe.

Moondoggie said...

I should make you guys some of my pumpkin bread. It was pretty good when i made it MmMmMm...

Anonymous said...

Did you carve the pumpkin with the Loop Hobbies logo?

Jo said...

We made something just as cool!

Anonymous said...

Weak moondoggie

Anonymous said...

So that's a no with the logo...
Also pretty weak Moondoggie

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