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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

City Life

Click any image to zoom in.

The sign reads, "Will Ferrell Semi-Pro."

His saxophone was singing the tune to "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands."

In the city, you can't help but look up.

A lost Asian tourist.

The "Civic Opera Bvilding." Yes, building is spelled with a 'v'. I guess they hoped nobody would notice.

There is always a protest going on in urban centers. They just become part of the noisy background.

The Museum of Contemporary Art.

They told us we couldn't take pictures inside the museum, but we knew better. This masterful video projection simply can't be expressed in words or a still image.

The rolling mountains make a great addition to the city skyline.

A quiet match of ping pong amidst the urban sprawl.

(photos by Jamon, text by Mike)


Moondoggie said...

I feel so bad for that poor poor Asian tourist.

stringy said...

the civic BVILDING is spelled correctly you fool. In latin there were no u's there were v's instead, so the name of the building is just spelled in the old roman way, on purpose

Mike said...

You ruined the joke.

stringy said...

then there was no joke

Kenneth Liu said...

Aren't these photos like 5 years old?

I'm that lost asian tourist.

The city is very scary.

Jo said...

Oh Asian people, when will you learn?

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