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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hobby 10: Shopping

This week's hobby is our current favorite weekend activity, shopping.

It all started at the end of summer, with the need for back to school shopping. New clothes, new shoes. But visiting just one mall isn't enough. We visited every mall in the area, several times, to make sure we fully explored this hobby. Every weekend became a trip to another mall.

-Money(Need lots of this)
-Camera to take pictures of outfits
-Friends to tell you how it looks(We found employers always told us it looked good)

-Buy new outfits
-Find new styles
-Steal ideas from mannequins
-Outlet mall deals

-Costs lots of money
-May spend up to an hour in a single store
-American Eagle employees yell at you for taking pictures in store
-Go shopping so often, you have seen everything the stores have to offer

This is a very good hobby, just don't over do it, because you will run out of new clothes to try on. Luckily, this hobby can be repeated every season. And be careful when trying on joke clothes. You might find out that you actually like them.

Basically, check outlet malls for the best deals. And keep a look out for end of season sales!


Anonymous said...

Best hobby yet!

Anonymous said...

you guys look really good!

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