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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hot Potato Tournament

What better game to play when you're bored than Hot Potato? Today we hold the world's first Extreme Tournament: Hot Potato. Mike mans the music, while Jo challenges Patty and Dempsey. Who will win?

(Note the pillow on the bed)

Hot Potato originated in the 1800s, in which people would sit in a circle and pass around a lit candle. Whoever was holding the candle when the flame went out was the loser.


stringy said...

i still think i won this

Kurniadi Bulhani said...

nice post,,,keep posting and smile always

Patty said...

No way! I totally won. ;)

Anonymous said...

you won my heart!

tabbi said...

how old are you? 12? oh btw, sort out your music player and the music in it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad your a nobody and your comment makes no difference.

Anonymous said...

Tabbi is stupid.

On the other hand, Loop Hobbies, please post some new content! I'm bored!

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