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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hobby 2: Making a Pillow

Today's activity is the wonderful art of pillow making. A pillow is a large cushion support for the head, usually used while sleeping in a bed. Making a personalized pillow will make a great gift for your girlfriend, or the Dempsey in your life.

Birju burst through the door waving his entry application, shouting, "I did it boys! I entered the community center sewing competition!" Seeing the confused look on our faces, Birju explained his plan for this week's hobby, sewing. For the previous four generations, Birju's family has sewn together a family quilt, and winning the competition would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, Birju bailed out last minute by trying to convince us he had to "clean his mom's car in the middle of winter." Obviously a lie, we were still stuck in the competition. Patty suggested the easiest thing for us to put together is a small pillow. So here we go!

-2 pieces of felt
-Needle and thread

-Valentine's gift
-Impress Dempsey
-Own a one-of-a-kind pillow

Hopefully you can follow along and make your own masterpiece! Oh, and we placed second in the competition. We also found out Birju entered a contest meant for young children...

Join us next week!


stringy said...

I am very impressed

stringy said...

also do i get the pillow

Mike said...

No, you can make your own pillow. Just follow the video

Jo said...

I am an awesome pillow maker.

Barley said...

educational yet arousing
3 thumbs up ;D

Anonymous said...

10 feet of thread jo? really? lmao awsome video you guys

Anonymous said...

you are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

that girl is hot!
educational yet arousing ;D

Jo said...

I agree!

Mike said...

"You know how long 10 feet is..."
Also, I'm sleeping on the pillow right now.

Beerjew said...

hahaha. Love the story

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